John Constantino, MD

John N. Constantino is an expert on genetic and environmental factors that influence early social development. In particular, he studies the genetic influences that contribute to autism. In other research he also works with very young children and their parents, hoping to better understand the earliest signs of difficulty in social development, hoping to prevent antisocial behavior later in life.


Prediction, Targeted Engagement, Trans-Generational Support: A Systems Approach To The Prevention Of Toxic Stress In Infancy And Early Childhood

In this presentation, Dr. Constantino will describe recent advances in risk prediction, family engagement, and preventive intervention that form the basis of a systems strategy (health, legal, and social service) for enduring reduction in the incidence of traumatic stress in infancy and early childhood.  The discussion will include an estimation of the impact of this reduction on lifelong consequences of trauma, and an update on what is understood about how stress reduction in infancy facilitates children’s ability to capitalize upon innate biological mechanisms designed to promote social and emotional adaptation

Learning Objectives:

  • Attendees will be apprised of robust predictors of traumatic life events in early childhood

  • A strategy for identification and support of highest risk children and families will be presented, based upon evidence from recent randomized controlled trials.