Violence, Drugs and Health: Implications for a Trauma-Informed Approach in Healthcare Settings


Substance use and/or disorders (SUDs) have been identified as a significant correlate of intimate partner violence (IPV) exposure and present complex issues that intersect with the topography of IPV, attendant mental health, and physical co-morbidities and may pose barriers to primary care- and other agency-based screening and intervention efforts.  In this talk I will  present select research examining the intersection of IPV victimization and SUDs and several comorbidities that have significant public health impact and provide recommendations for scaling up targeted interventions to redress these co-occurring problems among women in primary, emergency, and other care settings.

Learning Objectives:

  • Attendees will list three ways that comorbid intimate partner violence (IPV) and substance use and/or disorders (SUDs) affect mental health outcomes
  • Attendees will describe three ways that comorbid IPV and SUDs affect physical health outcomes.
  • Attendees will be able to define trauma-informed care.


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terri weaver

Terri Weaver, PhD


My work broadly focuses on the inter-relationships among stressful life events, particularly interpersonal violence, and physical and mental health sequelae. My research frequently draws from interdisciplinary research and forges collaborations with healthcare professionals. My research lens is trauma informed and I am particularly interested in studying posttraumatic stress disorder, body image disturbance, and depression as mental health outcomes.

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